Yellow Limestone Group


The rocks of the Yellow Limestone Group represent the first to be deposited across the eroded mountains produced by the collision of the Jamaica arc with the Yucatan Block. These rocks show a progressive onlap from north to south across Jamaica and eventually the establishment of open marine, platform carbonate deposits.

The rocks of the Yellow Limestone Group range from clastics (conglomerates, sandstones, siltstones and shales), through impure limestones and marlstones to pure limestones. Often these different rocks are interbedded so that a relatively pure limestone (e.g., Stettin Formation) may be followed by a clastic unit (e.g., Litchfield Formation).


The formations are listed here from youngest to oldest.


Guys Hill Formation

Stettin Formation

Litchfield Formation

Chapelton Formation

Ipswich Formation

Healthy Hill Formation


Preston Hill Formation

Palmetto Grove Formation