Wagwater Belt


The Wagwater Belt is a tectonic Belt running across eatern Jamaica between the Blue Mountains Inlier and the Clarendon Block. The BElt is a tectonic feature defined by active faults and represented by an inverted rift sequence called the Wagwater Rift.

The fill of the Wagwater Rift is complex including coarse- and fine-grained clastics, basic and acidic volcanics and minor limestones.

The following formations are present:

Wagwater Formation (Paleocene to ?earliest Eocene). Predominately conglomerates divided into a variety of members:

- Ginger River Member. Red-bed conglomerates.
- Pencar River Member. Sanstones and shales associated with limestones (Woodford Limestone, Good Hope Limestone) and evaporites (Brooks Gypsum).
- Dry River Member. Red-bed conglomerates.
- Halberstadt Volcanics. Basic volcanics.
- Newcastle Volcanics. Acidic sills (dacites) associated with the Dry River Member.

Richmond Formation (early Eocene). Predominantly shales and sandstones with a basal conglomerate unit. Divided into:

- Port Maria Member. Conglomerates with a noticably content of limestone clasts.
- Roadside Member. Sanstones and shales.
- Langley Member. Mudstones and shales.
- Nutfield Volcanics. Basic and acidic volcanics associated with the Roadside Member.