John Crow Mountain Belt


The John Crow Mountain Belt is situated in eastern Jamaica and comprises the rocks of the John Crow Mountains and Rio Grande valley. These rocks have a different stratigraphy to other parts of Jamaica. Inparticular, they have Paleocene deep-water conglomerates, sandstones and shales (possibly a K-Pe boundary succession), deep-water Paleocene bedded Marlstones-limestones (similar to the Font Hill Formation), and a massage into pure limestones (similar to the White Limestone) within the Paleocene.

The following units are present:-
White Limestone Group. Late Paleocene-Miocene. Shallow-water and deep-water limestones.
Nonsuch Formation. Mid Paleocene. Deep-water Paleocene impure bedded Marlstones-limestones (similar to the Font Hill Formation).
Mooretown Formation. Early Paleocene (?Latest Maastrcihtian). Turbiditic sandstone-shale sequence.
Bowden Pen Formation. Late Maastrichtian? Pebble conglomerates (syn rift sequence).